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Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Patient Portal

Rules and Regulations

  • Use is limited to non-emergency communication and requests primarily involving: reviewing lab results, prescription refill requests and checking appointments.

  • The fastest way to request a prescription refill is to contact your pharmacy. They’ll contact your doctor using an efficient electronic system. Please plan ahead

  • The Portal facilitates communication between appointments. However, the Portal does not replace your scheduled office appointments.

  • The portal is not meant to provide concierge access to your doctor so for important issues/concerns just walk in and be seen same day by your doctor during their regular business hours.

  • It is not checked on the weekends or holidays.

  • We expect to respond to communications, requests and password changes within 72 hours.

  • We will not send any private health information to your e-mail (non-secure).

  • We will send you an e-mail only when necessary, to request that you access the secure Patient Portal to review private healthcare information that we have posted on your Patient Portal.

  • Please keep your messages brief. There is a time limit on writing your message and the system may time out. 

  • Do not access the patient portal from public computers as there is a potential for a breach of privacy.

  • To use the Patient Portal a username and password will be assigned to you during your office visit. You must have a permanent email address that you check consistently.

  • You may submit a request to change your password at any time by clicking on the option "change/reset password" on the log-on page. For security reasons, if you submit an incorrect password three times, you will be locked out of the Portal and will need to contact our office to unlock your account.

  • Password or Username issue? 

The best & easiest way to communicate directly with your doctor is to please go to our patient portal USING YOUR MOBILE PHONE & mobile phone number to gain access and communicate directly with the Doctor. Do NOT waste energy trying USERNAME & PASSWORD. Use your mobile phone & mobile phone number instead. 

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